Happy Halloween!

I seriously love my kids. And Halloween. As evidenced by the decorations I buy every year. Its a bit of an obsession. 🙂 I think next year we might go with a fog machine, but I digress..

We dressed up last Thursday for the ward Halloween Party, and I was able to sneak in a few photos 10 minutes before we raced out the door (yeah, we were late). I wish I had had more time, but I do love what I got.

(P.S. my amazing friend made the girls’ costumes. We traded for photos. Huge fan of the barter system. :))

Tinkerbell: Despite teething, having  a cold and being generally miserable, this little girl still manages to brighten our lives with the cutest smiles. I think I could learn a few things from her. 🙂

Spiderman: Tough guy. Not sure why he decided on this, but I love it. He even sat super still for me to paint his face. (Which didn’t come off for like 2 days, and he wouldn’t let me do it again for trick-or-treating).

Rapunzel: And my princess! Amazingly enough, she decided on her costume BEFORE we were even aware there was a movie coming out this winter. The movie just made it even more exciting.

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