We bought an Airstream

While I may not currently be shooting photo sessions or weddings by the dozens, it has been pretty busy around here.  For those that are curious what is going on while my photo blog sits dormat – check out this excerpt from over on our family blog and follow us there.

““There it is!! I see it!” An 820 mile road trip and a previous week filled with anxiety for the unknown ended as we pulled parallel to the campground and spotted a red truck pulling a shiny, silver, Airstream through the guard station and back into the campsites. Movies, books, and toys forgotten, the kids craned their necks to look out the window and keep the Airstream in view. I’m pretty sure I was bouncing up and down in the front seat with excitement.”

See full post here: http://currentlywandering.com/2013/09/30/we-bought-an-airstream/



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