Halloween at National Harbor “Chillin with My Peeps”

Keeping with tradition of the last 3 years I posted about our Halloween adventures. Only this year, I posted over on our family blog as that is getting more attention these days. 🙂 Here’s an excerpt:

The Event

“I normally am obsessed with Halloween. Seriously. I love everything about it. Not the creepy part, but the fun, costume parade, trick-or-treat, decorate, dress up part as evidenced by the last 3 years of Halloween documented on my blog herehere, and here (Wow, check out how LITTLE my kids were in 2010).

This year has been totally different. I told the kids they could be whatever we could find costumes for in the attic (in a house that isn’t ours) or that we could easily make or borrow. I have 2 Halloween decorations on my front porch, and really, I just haven’t been excited. I think its the stress. Of being far away from home, our normal traditions, our family and friends. We are homeschooling and it hit me Monday that meant  any “class” Halloween party would be all me. Add to that Sam leaving tomorrow for a business conference for 4 days, and then the fact that we are leaving Virginia for good in less than 2 weeks. I’m just….overwhelmed. Unfortunately, Halloween was the first to feel my lack of motivation to do anything extraordinary.”

Read more here: http://currentlywandering.com/2013/11/01/halloween-at-national-harbor-chillin-with-my-peeps/

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