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I thought this would be a great time for another business tip! Today I’m going to talk about my BLOG. Excited yet? There are currently two well-known platforms to build your blog on: & Mine is built on – and I upgraded so that I could use the direct URL feature ( instead of Its cleaner & much easier for your clients to find -which can lead to more bookings for you, right?!

Once I created my wordpress account, I bought a ProPhoto blog theme. You install ProPhoto as a .zip file just like you would any other theme, and from there it is SUPER easy to customize your blog however you’d like. I began with one of their “starter themes” just to give me some initial direction, and then just went crazy from there.

This is what the Customize Screen looks like. From here you can customize anything about your blog – what your header looks like, your menu items, what is it in your contact form, how you want your galleries to display, font size, you name it!

A couple of things I LOVE about ProPhoto

1. My pictures look fabulous! I can upload them up to 900px wide and they will display that large (I choose to actually go 800px wide though). You can also upload your photos into “galleries” which make them super easy to organize and then just add to your post.

2. Flexibility to change at any time. You want to keep your overall brand the same so it is recognizable, but maybe you just want to freshen things up a bit. Super easy!

3. Tutorials for everything! Questions about how to install your theme? How to host your blog so that prophoto will work correctly? What are grids and how do I use them? The ProPhoto website has tutorials that will walk you through how to do pretty much everything. Plus, their customer support is also FABULOUS! Great guys, fast response, and super helpful.

For not that great an expense, you can have a professional looking blog that helps your photos look AMAZING! To add to that – you can get $10 off your purchase by using the link here. So, what are you waiting for!? Time to spice up your blog!

Just for kicks, here’s  a quick overview put together by the ProPhoto guys themselves. Enjoy!

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